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We transform any product or machine into useful data

Iomote offers an end-to-end solution to add M2M/IoT/4.0/Telemetry to virtually anything. We created a programmable and connected gateway provided with a powerful backend in Cloud and a useful Admin Dashboard.
With Iomote it's easy to transform machines and devices into their "digital twins" to get the benefits of remote access and control of any asset or process.

Our customers say that by choosing our platform they saved:
- 12-18 months of development
- Hardware and Firmware related investments (development, tooling and certifications)
- Headaches about Cloud infrastructure management and Security updates

Iomote provides both the platform or end-to-end projects. We are able to deliver professional PoC in less than 8 weeks and scalable solutions in less than 3 months.

Connected and programmable devices

The center of our technology is our flexible hardware designed to fit any professional M2M application. Our devices are able to connect the "real world", made of machines and sensors, to Microsoft Azure to enable powerful business applications.
Being Microsoft-certified means that our devices are compliant with the top-notch level of security available today.
The flexibility and easiness of use is guaranteed by design: we separated the cloud communication part from the user application.

Iomote Core Processor

It's the main processor that runs the Iomote software that manages connectivity (MQTT over Lan, Wi-Fi or Cellular) and security (TLS 1.2). You don't need to program it, it just acts like a postman for the Arduino-compatible co-processor to let it send/receive data in real-time from the Cloud.

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App Processor

The second microcontroller is at your disposal to create apps: an easy-to-program Arduino-compatible M0+.
Read sensors, manage communications like RS232, 485 and ModBus and many other real-world application are at your fingertips.

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Why connected is better?

To transform products into services. To explore new business models. To integrate data from the field with MES/CRM and other applications. To improve efficiency through faster and data-driven decision

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Microsoft Azure meets the ease of Arduino

Our programmable and connected devices are compatible with the Arduino IDE and working out-of-the-box with Microsoft Azure. A Web dashboard is at your disposal to manage your applications, from telemetry to remote sensing, in a breeze.

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IoT Plug-and-Play

The real world is complex, machines are speaking different languages, but what you need are data to make decisions.
Iomote devices are compatible with Arduino IDE, to interact with the serial ports, protocols, I/Os and much more.

Start with the Cloud

Iomote devices connect with Microsoft Azure by design. This means that you can focus on your specific application, no hassle with connectivity and security.
Data coming from the real world are sent to your account and to create any application.

Industrial-grade security

We take security very seriously, so we received the Microsoft Certification. All data are encrypted with TLS 1.2.
A device that is secure now, it is secure even tomorrow? No, that's why Iomote provides customers continuos security upgrades.

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