Sense Anything in the Cloud

Smart Facilities, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Smart City in the Cloud

Data from sensors are empowering Machine Learning and AI to save on resources and to optimize the complex operations of a modern city.

5+ years on battery

The new NB-IoT technology is based on existing cellular networks but optimized for battery powered things reaching years of operating time.

There's a sensor for anything

Our flexible design allows to interface any kind of sensors (Water, Air quality, Ambient, Noise, Pollution and many others).

An all-inclusive monthly fee

Don't invest on infrastructure, we did it. Just pay what you use: a clear device-based monthly fee that includes data, device, infrastructure and storage.

Transform any City into a Smart City

Managing a modern city is a complex task. Citizens are asking for better services while the saving on resources is a primary objective. Distributed sensors may help providing realtime data, alerts and analytics. Our solution is not just a smart wireless sensor, but a complete system to collect big data from distributed sensors. We transform those data into useful information for your business leveraging on the Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud.