Fleet Management on Steroids

Add IoT to your fleet and assets to optimize your business operations

The new cloud way for fleet monitoring

Fleet rental is common nowadays, but your business needs more: a modern IoT powered cloud services to run smoothly

No battery drain of your vehicles

Our GPS trackers have an internal backup battery that recharges only when the vehicle is turned on.

Positions, speeds and more

Basic features are GPS positioning, speed, acceleration and direction. But it's possible to get also telemetry data from the engine or any equiment onboard.

An all-inclusive monthly fee

Don't invest on infrastructure, we did it. Just pay what you use: a clear device-based monthly fee that includes SIM, device, infrastructure and storage.

Fleet Management 4.0

Fleet management isn't an easy business and IoT can be a gamechanger. Our solution is not just a positioning system, but it also collect big data from engine and onboard electronics. We transform those data into useful information for your business leveraging on the Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud. Learn about how your customer use your fleet, how to optimize operations or save on resources is now possible. In the case of theft XFleet helps to find and rescue your precious assets, easily.

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