Fleet Management on Steroids

Optimize your business operations adding the power of IoT to your fleet and assets

Your fleet on your Smartphone or PC

A connected fleet allows to keep under control location, usage and internal parameters anytime from anywhere. Provide new services to your customers while protecting your precious assets.

No battery drain of your vehicles

XFLEET GPS trackers has been designed and optimized to run on battery for months. The secret is an internal backup battery that recharges only when the vehicle is turned on.

Covered Worldwide

Thanks to our mutlioperator integrated SIM we offer a worldwide coverage. This together with the most advanced GPS and sensors available today makes XFLEET the top solution for modern fleet management.

An all-inclusive monthly fee

Don't invest on infrastructure, we did it. Just pay what you use: a clear per device monthly fee including SIM, device, infrastructure and storage. We can also brand our solution with your Logo, on the device and on the software.

Fleet Management 4.0

Fleet management is a complex job, there are a lot of factors that can influence the results of your business strategy. IoT technology is a game changer. It's not just another positioning system: thanks to the Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud data are transformed into valuable information helping you make better decisions. Learn about how your customers use your fleet, how to optimize operations and reduce resource consumption.