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Heat cost allocators are wireless automatic sensors measuring power consumption at single heater level. Data are stored on a floor concentrator and a technical person must connect his PC to it to download data for billing.

Business case

The company wanted to provide a better service to customers and to save on employee.

Hardware Setup

The wireless sensors are sending their data once a day to a floor concentrator that is storing these values. A simple serial port RS232 is available on the concentrator to download these data.
Iomote X400 gateway is provided with 1 RS232 port and it's connected to the concentrator. With a simple Arduino App is possible to ask to the concentrator the datalog and to send these data to the cloud.

Cloud & Application

Data coming from the field are safely stored into a database. Then a simple Web App is available to final user to check day-by-day his power consumption.
In this way the customer feels an higher level of service and is ok to pay a fee for this.
On the other hand the company saved on employee since there's no need to send a technician to read data on site

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