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Telecom base stations are installed at any latitude and the internal batteries are normally their weak points.

Business case

The maintenance of UPS batteries of a telecom base station is extremely expensive. Today batteries are changed every X hours but most of them are still working.

Hardware Setup

Iomote X400 gateway is reading the voltage of the UPS battery, through its analog inputs, plus a temperature and a magnetic door sensor to understand the maintenance event.
The voltage is read every 5 minutes and a local algorithm, developed using the Arduino IDE, understand if there's a dangerous drift.
In that case X400 send the event to the cloud together with the last 24h datalog.

Cloud & Application

The customer decided that a complete 24h datalog is useless for this application, so most of the intelligence is running on the X400 gateway itself.
If the battery is going towards a possible failure state, the message is sent to the Cloud together with a Json file containing the last 24 hours of voltage data and temperature.
Another event that is notified to te system administrator is when the door is opened and when the temperature raises/falls over certain limits.

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