The first IoT and AI empowered kitchen

A kitchen that understand commands and helps user

Pedini is one of the top italian companies in the kitchen design market. Their customers are always expecting something more from them and we been involved to add the top-notch tech to their products.


The kitchen is one of the most lived hambient of our homes and Pedini, with their beautiful design and materials, was looking to create more than a new forniture, they were looking to change the experience of how people is living this place.
Connected sensors are necessary, but nothing new in this market, so we decided to add the Artificial Intelligence in terms of Natural Language Interaction.


We delivered to Pedini an end-to-end project: from hardware to cloud and mobile app.
The hardware: the kitchen is provided with an low-power PC running Windows 10 IoT Core that acts as main core for the system. This controller is managing the wireless sensors and actuators (Zwave), the voice recognition algorithm and the bidirectional realtime communication with the Cloud backend.
The Natural Language Recognition and the AI are running on the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) and we trained the system to recognize the difference between a grocery list item and a command like “make me a coffee”.
The mobile app provides a visual interface for such operations that are impossible to perform using the voice. On the app there are info about the power consumption, the air quality of the hambient and the grocery list that is editable and shareable via Whatsapp or any other instant messaging app.
The App is also a starting point to create, for the first time, a direct link between Pedini and the customers to let them feel the exclusivity of being a Pedini kitchen owner. We are going to add new services such as recipies and video tutorial with famous Michelin star chefs and integrations with gourmet food retailers to enrich the whole grocery shopping experience.


Here’s our CEO Claudio Carnevali during a demo session to the Microsoft management.
The video is in italian but basically he’s asking the kitchen to change its color, to open a cabinet, then to add something to the grocery list (on the mobile app), then to make a coffee and to play some relaxing music.


Iomote developed also the mobile appthat is perfectly in line with the design guidelines of the Pedini stile: modern, clean and stylish


Hi-Pedini has been selected by Microsoft as one of the most interesting business cases for the IoT. For this reason the kitchen is now installed in Microsoft House in Milan (at the MTC) where visitors are using it everyday. Italian newspapers and tv featured this as the kitchen of the future, underlining that it’s not just a prototype but a real product available for the market.

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