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Retrofit products with IoT for remote control and to get data from the field

Coffee roaster companies are providing professional coffee machines for free to the shops, but with an exclusive supply contract.


Coffee roasters are investing lot of money on buying coffee machines to let bars and restaurant have it for free. The problem is to control frauds and to avoid machines be stuck in some warehouse.


A coffee machine, even a professional one, is still based on a low-cost microcontroller architecture. The only possible way to communicate is a serial port that was intended for the maintenance technicians. Each machine has a custom protocol, in this case it is a XML-like protocol.
The Iomote X400 Gateway has one RS232 port that is connected to the internal Arduino-compatible processor. The integration of the XML over serial protocol took no more than 3 days since lot of ready-to-use libraries are available among the Arduino community.
Parsed data are epurated to avoid any useless information to be sent to the cloud. Then, once packed in a more standardized Json format with a timestamp, are sent to the Cloud via a 3G connectivity.


Data stored on the cloud allowed the marketing team to get real time analytics from the field in order to predict demand and to optimize production and operations. 
Machine erogations data are sent to the CRM and automatically correlated to the sales to the specific shop. In this way is possible to understand frauds. 
Last but not least, these data are triggering predictive maintenance activities in order to avoid machines to be kept unproductive in some warehouse.


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