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Manage your fleet in realtime and get data and insights

A modern logistics company has to deliver more value to customers in order to increase revenues and customer satisfaction. The problem is that margins are tight so the operations costs must be optimized.


Any logistics company deals with lot of operations costs: drivers, fuel, maintenance are the top ones. There’s room for cost optimization, but first data from the field must be collected. On the other hand their customers, companies, are expecting top level services such as realtime monitoring and, in some cases, datalog reports for each shipment. A simple GPS tracker is not enough to solve the whole business case, so Iomote Fleet Trackting with its extra features has been the best choice.


The main unit of the whole system is our GPS Tracker with 3G connectivity an OBD interface. This is installed inside the cab of the truck and powered directly from the vehicle battery. Every vehicle today has a communication port (OBD) able to read parameters such as fuel level, engine rpm, speed and others. Telemetry made of OBD parameters and GPS coordinates are sent to the Cloud every 5 minutes.  Alarms are sent in realtime.


Fleet Trackting has a powerful and simple web interface where the fleet manager can access on his PC or Tablet using the browser. Real time locations, fleet history, routes and more are accessible with a  few clicks. 

Setup triggers, alarms and notification is also possible for the manager.

Telemetry Data coming from the field are stored into a powerful and secure database in the Cloud and these are the fundamental blocks for business intelligence, to save resources or just to optimize the business.

These Data are fueling maintenance routines to create automatic alerts to drivers when their vehicle is needed to stop for garage operations in order to avoid costly unexpected reparations.


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