Smart Fridges: logs and alarms

Reduce risks of fridges thawing and automate HACCT operations

One of the biggest risks for any food retailer is related to the event of his fridges thawing. There’s an economic damage but more important is the possible health related damage.


In the food industry the average annual cost related to thawing is up to 15%. In Europe there’s a standard, called HACCP, made of complex hygiene requirements that have to be fullfilled by any business related with food. One of the most critical operations is to monitor and to log every 4 hours the temperature of each fridge. The risk is that the operators asked to record these temperatures are cheating to save time, but the biggest risk is that in case of a temporary failure the temperature raises and drops again quickly.


The first step is to measure the temperature, it has been done easily a professional temperature digital sensors interfaced using OneWire bus to an Iomote X400 gateway with Lan connectivity. The library to read the sensor was easily available on the Arduino community, so it took less than 3 hours to implement the App on The X400 gateway. The App main feature is to read the value of temperature and send to the Cloud every 4 hours (datalog). Another feature of App is to trigger an Alarm in case of unexpected raise of the temperature. In this case when the temperature goes over -16°C an alarm is send to the Cloud in realtime.


Data coming from the temperature sensor every 4 hours are safely stored into a database and are available for any control.
For the maintenance team an alarm via email has been automated in order to react in case of unexpected temperature raise events.

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