NB-IoT Wireless Sensors

A wide range of rugged, battery powered sensors for Smart Cities and Smart Facilities

Years on Battery

Smart sensors with intelligence onboard to optimize power consumpion and data traffic

No gateway or complex mesh networks

Each sensor connects to the modern NB-IoT cellular network. No infrastructure needed.

Modular Design

Our devices are compatible with more than 150 sensors, from Air Quality to Sound.

Custom on request

Do you need a special sensors? Do you want to connect your existing sensors with the NB-IoT Network? Contact us

A digital 6th Sense

Measure, learn and act. This paradigm is improving businesses and cities. Sensing is the first step and now it can be pervasive thanks to the latest cellular network optimized for "things": NB-IoT is a reality. Then data from sensors meet the power of the Cloud where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence add the real value.

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