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Energy bills are raising worlwide and companies start to understand they need to analize their costs in a more accurate way in order to remain competitive.

Business case

Industries are more and more automated and the labor cost is now impacting less on the total cost of a process. But there's another cost that is growing: the energy bill.
Once the energy was considered like a fixed cost, now the market is changed and companies needs to understand precisely how much the energy cost impacts on the total cost of a certain product.

Hardware Setup

Measuring energy is not difficult today since there are lot of certified energy meters provided with a communication bus. In this case an industrial energy meter with Modbus over RS485 is the solution.
Iomote X400 Gateway has RS485 communication and thanks to the Modbus library for Arduino it was very easy to make it "talk" with the energy meter. The parameters saved are: total and real-time (every 5 seconds) active and reactive energy.
Packed data, in Json with a timestamp, are sent to the Cloud via a 3G connectivity since there were no Lan connection near to the machine and the cost of cabling was relatively high in comparison with the SIM traffic cost.

Cloud & Application

Data coming from the energy meter are safely stored into a database and analized using Microsoft PowerBI (business intelligence tool)
Now the customer wants to expand the system to the other machines and to integrate these data into his ERP in order to get realtime data about his processes.

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