Our Mission
is to speed up the 4.0 digital transformation providing the best-in-class devices and solutions.

We offer the real one-stop solution, made of smart devices and cloud infrastructure, to manufacturers and system integrators to enable their 4.0, M2M and IoT business.

Hardware services

Specialists in embedded low-power architectures. We design and produce in-house devices that are empowering thousands of applications worldwide.

Software development

We are experts of embedded and communication stacks. A proprietary "embedded-to-cloud framework" is the core of our bulletproof technology.

Custom and Support

We can deliver custom and white label solutions starting from the prototype phase.
A dedicate team is available for customers support.

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End-to-end: Projects and Solutions

Iomote and its partners are providing customers with complete projects from field, applications and integrations. Contact us today to get a free consultancy session with one IoT Specialist.

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